FileTransfer FileTransfer PRO Cannot receive files.
When transferring files by Wi-Fi, make sure that the transmission and receiving sides are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
For Bluetooth file transfers, check that the Bluetooth settings are turned ON for the transmission and receiving sides.

"FileTransfer" Version [1.3.0] or later and "FileTransfer PRO" cannot communicate with earlier versions of "FileTransfer". To enable communications, ensure that both the receiving and sending applications are "FileTransfer" Version [1.3.0] or later, or "FileTransfer PRO".

You can check the version using the "Settings" button.

* If the "FileTransfer" version is earlier than [1.1.0], the "Settings" button does not appear.

FileTransfer I can't extract ZIP.
Only "FileTransfer PRO" can compress files into zip or extract zip files.
FileTransfer FileTransfer PRO Can I get PC data into this app?
If you have installed iTunes on PC, you can get data via iTunes.

"FileTransfer PRO" can let you download / upload files via PC browser when PC and iPad/iPhone are on a same Wi-Fi. You also can delete files / folders or create folders.
FileTransfer PRO
I set up activation lock and forgot the password.
If you forgot the password, the only way to unlock is to delete app.