iPad/iPhone App "FileTranfer PRO"


Your can create new folders with 15 colors.
Select files / folders and tap "Zip" to compress.
Double tap zip files to extract.

Password is available.

tranfer password
Time Limit
You can set password when tranfer, then receivers will need to input the password.

You can also set time limitations. Clock icon will display and when the periods pass, files will be deleted automatically.

PC Connect
If PC and iPad/iPhone are on a same Wi-Fi, You can download / upload files with "FileTransfer PRO" via PC browser. You also can create folders.

WebDAV / SMB connections are also available.
You can upload / download data.

Sending files so easily
from iPad/iPhone!

■ Bluetooth is available if no Wi-Fi

■ Select a file and just tap

■ You can send to multiple devices

FileTransfer PRO

App Store
You'll see how easily "FileTransfer PRO" works.